StorageCraft® Recovery™ Solution is a suite of software and services that helps you recover anytime, anywhere. The StorageCraft Recovery Solution works as an integral part of your overall Business Continuity plan by protecting your systems, applications, and data from any disaster, large or small.


StorageCraft Recovery solution is made up of these five fundamentals:


 backup-task Backup: Creating a copy of everything—systems, applications, services, data—is the linchpin of any decent backup and disaster recovery plan.
 management Management Taking control of your backups ensures they’ll work when you need them and won’t eat up your precious storage space.
 replication-task Replication: Duplicating your backups to another location ensures that you can access them, even if your local versions are destroyed.
 testing Testing: Checking backup integrity and confirming that the recovery plan works will ensure you’ll be ready when disaster strikes.
 recovery Recovery: Getting your business running again immediately following a disaster is the whole point.


StorageCraft Recovery solution includes:


StorageCraft ShadowProtect / SPX
 shadowprotect-100x100 Create reliable backup images of your systems, applications, and data. With this best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software, these backup images are easy to recover every time. StorageCraft ShadowProtect® includes StorageCraft VirtualBoot™ and StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore™ technologies to further aid smooth recoveries.

StorageCraft ImageManager

 imagemanager Verify the quality of your backup images and manage your storage space. StorageCraft ImageManager™ comes with StorageCraft intelligentFTP® and StorageCraft ShadowStream® file-transfer options for replicating to an offsite location and StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology for a flying start after disaster.

StorageCraft ShadowControl

 shadowcontrol Keep an eye on every machine you back up and be alerted to issues. StorageCraft ShadowControl® CMD enables you to monitor your entire backup environment so that you can be sure your backups will be ready when you need them.


StorageCraft ShadowProtect / SPX


Product Features

ShadowProtect Editions






Back up your entire disk drive, including systems, applications, services, configurations, settings, and data yes  yes yes yes no
Save backups to any disk device or any optical media  yes yes yes yes  no
Test backup images to ensure their integrity  yes  yes yes  yes  no
Schedule backups to occur automatically  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Schedule regular incremental backups to occur as often as every 15 minutes if desired  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Recover individual files and folders in minutes  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Restore a system to different hardware or to virtual environments  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Swiftly boot a backup image as a virtual machine  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Perform a bare metal restore  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Detect and repair boot configuration errors or corrupt hard drives  yes  yes  yes  yes no
Migrate a backup image from and to physical and virtual environments  yes  yes  yes yes no
Recover Exchange emails, email attachments, address book contacts, mailboxes, and more to your production Exchange server or to a .pst file  no  no  no  no yes
Use keywords to search mailboxes, email messages, or entire Exchange databases  no  no  no  no yes


How StorageCraft Recovery Solution works?


At the beginning you need good backups


StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® & SPX take reliable images of your machine that preserve systems, applications, data, and more as they change over time.


For lots of machines


With StorageCraft ShadowControl®, you can monitor your backups on thousands of machines from a single web portal.


And lots of different kinds of machines


StorageCraft offers editions of ShadowProtect / SPX that reflect your IT environment, including Windows Server, Small Business Server, Desktop, or Virtual machines and Linux physical or virtual systems. They even have editions specifically designed for IT technicians and subscription licensing options designed for MSPs.


But the backups can’t take up too much space


Using StorageCraft ImageManager™, you can consolidate your images to keep down the needed space.


And you need to be sure they’ll work


Using ShadowProtect / SPX to mount them as drives so you can see that they work (and get file-and-folder recovery at the same time).


You may also need to replicate them to somewhere else


You can use StorageCraft ImageManager to replicate images to your own offsite storage using our StorageCraft intelligentFTP® and StorageCraft ShadowStream® technologies.


You can get up and running


Using StorageCraft VirtualBoot™ technology to run any ShadowProtect image as a virtual machine, so while you’re waiting for new hardware, you can keep your business running with a single laptop.


And get your data back quickly


Or, using the patented StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology to pre-stage your recovery before anything goes wrong so you’re 95% recovered and can restore with a click of a button.


Regardless of your hardware or the scope of your disaster


With StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore™ technology, you can restore to any machine, whether it’s physical or virtual, regardless of manufacturer or model.