UniPath’s vision is to become the leading Partner in the area of Software Development for the Maritime Industry and Data Availability Solution partner for every enterprise and organization. The unique know-how and expertise in these Sectors provides a competitive advantage to design, develop and support Vertical Business Solutions that lead to Business Transformation combining the specific customer organizational structure, IT infrastructure, business processes and business requirements.


Organizational Structure │ Human Resources
With up-to-date organizational structure, UniPath operates through flexible and customer-oriented Business Units according to the vertical division of the market. Simultaneously UniPath is developing strong partnerships with ICT vendors that add value, so that every customer has access to all the technology solutions and software products required to develop the necessary competitive advantages and cost saving solutions.


UniPath ’s workforce consists of specialized and extensively experienced personnel, that constantly follow the technology trends, with continuous trainings required and passionate for innovation, ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction for the solutions and services offered.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified members with international presence and proven record of engagements in a wide range of complicated IT Projects. Their long standing experience allows them to fully comprehend and analyze the business needs of any organization and actively take part in the design and delivery of solutions and services that correspond to these needs.