UM CALIBER: The Ultimate Unified Messaging System




UniPath Systems introduces UMCaliber®, a Unified Messaging System that has been developed in order to cover the specialized needs of communication, collaboration and information management in the Maritime Industry worldwide. UMCaliber® provides to employees easy access to messages and documents, anytime, anywhere using any communication network or media devices.


UMCaliber® accelerates business insightful by reducing communication trammels allowing employees to collaborate and share corporate information seamlessly across geographical boundaries, locations, time zones and distances. These capabilities include incorporating REAL TIME communications into strategic business processes and operational workflows specially adapted for each individual customer’s demands. This enables identifying the right person with the right position at the right time, in a manner that is relevant to a task at hand.


In the global economy, the lines between home and workplace, time zones, international borders, line and sea are fading. The focus is on the work, not where it takes place. Individuals come together to communicate, collaborate, solve problems, develop plans and embrace opportunities.



UMCaliber Main Application






UMCaliber Mobile Application



Key Business Features & Benefits at a glance


  • Email, Memo, Fax, Telex, SMS)
  • Departmental Structure Management
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Metadata Management (Tracking, Reporting)
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy Access from Anywhere
  • Unlimited support of mail folders and subfolders
  • Read HTML and plain text emails
  • Compose HTML (colors, fonts) and plain text emails
  • Full search in any field of the email, for both incoming and outgoing messages




  • Supported Platform: MS Windows Server
  • Database System: MS SQL 2005 (Standard Edition) or above
  • Mail Server: MS Exchange 2007 or above
  • Files Repository Server: MS SharePoint