BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT: Vertical Solution for Maritime Operations 


UniPath’s Business Process Management System® enables customers to improve business effectiveness, organization and productivity optimizing their business processes.


UniPath’s BPM integrates business processes with human-driven processes in a workflow. People and Systems or Applications interact in structured and dynamic way to complete complicated transactions and operations.


Key Features at a glance



  • Departmental & Cross Departmental Workflow Procedures
  • Integration to 3rd Party Sources for retrieving & managing data
  • Extensive audit and trace procedures to enforce regulatory compliance
  • Saving valuable time & money by automated employee activities
  • Extensive Reporting in Key Performance Factors
  • Incorporation to M&F Management System


UniPath’s BPM is a technology platform that supports and provides businesses with the following characteristics: Control, Flexibility, Productivity, Performance, Reliability, Innovation, Responsiveness, Simplicity, Security, Compliance, and Transparency.


Business Process Management System® includes BPM lifecycle such as Process Design, Modeling, Execution, Business Activity Monitoring and Process Optimization. BPMS is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server technologies and functionality. It is fully customized on the company needs and IT infrastructure, with potential integration with third party applications. Our BPM also incorporates extensive audit and trace procedures to enforce regulatory compliance.