Founded in 2010, UniPath Systems, a flexible and innovative company, provides a combination of sophisticated products, integrated applications and advanced services to its customers. UniPath’s long term experience in ICT, passion and talent offer exceptional Vertical Software Business Solutions for the Maritime Industry.

UniPath invests in strategic partnerships with leading vendors of the ICT worldwide (such as M-Files, Storage Craft and Microsoft) and successfully integrates state of the art technology market trends. Products and services are strictly adhering to Microsoft’s standards and Technologies in order to deliver turn-key, integrated solutions.

UniPath’s vision is delivering quality software, customized solutions and complete dedication to cover customer’s business needs. UniPath aims at offering products and services for both Shore Offices and Seagoing Vessels, covering by this way a wide spectrum of business, day to day requirements in the Maritime Industry.

The Solutions of UniPath are outlined as follows:

  • The Ultimate Unified Messaging System1

  • Complete and Integrated Document Control 2 & 3

  • The Power of Document Management System powered by M-Files®4

  • Recover anytime, anywhere powered by Storage Craft®D_R1